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Services and Offers

This section contains all the available offers and services which are free or affordable. The contact information of all the listed items has been verified.
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Last updated on 11/08/2020

Reconstruction & Renovation Services

General Contracting Services

A.R. Jubaili & Co Free labour maintenance and repair services and generators for rent. Spare parts at cost.71 911 449Airport Highway
Ahla Fawda Free home repairs 70 403 822Contact to confirm
Akram NehmeFree removal of heavy debris03 700 070Online service
Baytna BaytakFree repair of doors and windowsDM: @baytna_baytakOnline service
Beb w ShebbekFree repair of doors and windows Whatsapp 70 803 090 or DM: @bebwshebbekOnline service
BEDCO Free help in construction work and building repair services (manpower)81 508 703 or DM: @bedco_lbOnline service
Bourji for Wood and ResinBuilding home or commercial furniture, kitchens, and closets at cost price03 407 671Tyre
CAD SolutionsFree house renovation at cost price81 967 550 or Beirut: Matta Bldg, 6th Floor, Makdessi Street
Carpenter & Maintenance of health machines and ACsServices at discounted pricesElie Karam, 70 109 866Online service
Cedars ReliefFree installation of temporary wooden doors and plastic covers for windows81 291 460 or DM @cedarsreliefOnline service
Chemi PaintOffering Dutch Boy paint at cost price05 807 020Choueifat
Conex Free interior design, fit-out, renovations, construction management, MEP, gypsum, and woodwork 03 045 476 or Beirut: Sakeyat El Janzir, Vienna St, Sodico Bldg, 2nd Floor
Curtain ProjectsAssistance with curtains, blinds, shades, and awnings at cost price70 947 740Bourj Hammoud
Elian FarahFree electrician services03 668 887Online service
George ChaboFree renovation including electricity, aluminum, and glass at cost price03 905 909Online service
Ghannam CorporationIron works, including reinforcement of doors, windows, elevators, and exterior panels, at very affordable prices71 350 013Online service
Iftar in a BoxFree house repair services: a team of contractors and a team of foremen are available to assist in the reconstruction process03 051 739 or DM: @iftar_in_a_boxContact to confirm
IMACOFree scaffolding03 565 666Beirut
Jihad el AchkarGeneral contracting and restoration assistance03 365 536Beit Chabab
KarpntreeFree help repairing broken doors, as well as other carpentry servicesRazan, 81 913 866 or Sarah, 03 543 332Online service
La Fabrica PlusDoor and window renovations at cost price03 727 717Bekaa, Zahle
Matar Construction
Discounted prices to repair vitrines, doors, handrails, and building entrances 70 740 369Online service
Mohammad AbrashFree paint and renovation services03 172 033Online service
Nation StationFree reconstruction servicesDM @nationstation__Abandoned gas station near Rmeil Mokhtar
NusanedFree shelter rehabilitation services 03 872 487Beirut: Verdun
PLASFILLFree eco conscious repair of potholes76 375 779Online service
Pro ShiftCarpenter, aluminum repair, glass repair, plumber, painter, and gypsum repair at cost price71 911 226Beirut
Rashet KheirFree reconstruction services03 270 754Contact to confirm
Re-BeirutFree complete cost assessment of damages to be restored (civil, electrical, mechanical works), project management, and execution of works 81 019 592Online service
Renovate BeirutFree repairs of ceiling, windows, doors and everything in between.70 455 356 or 70 806 842 or 70 453 624 Online service
S ConstructionFree assessment and repair of damages, including all materials needed 01 970 297 or 81 811 542Beirut: Downtown
Samir Jreish CompanyHome renovation or transportation services to remove all the damages at the cost price03 809 870 or 76 413 737Online service
Sea Sky ServicesShipping donations to Beirut by air or sea and clearing customs at cost price only71 834 275Online service
Team of contractorsFree carpenter, electrician, plumber, tile, painting, and ceiling repair servicesMaher, 71 560 532Online service
Tony MaaloufFree pickup of debris and broken furniture03 103 131Online service
Urban NetworkFree repair of damaged doors71 747 124Online service
Wafa el Masri Construction CompanyDiscounted plumbing, electrical system, plastering work, woodwork, tiling, aluminum and glass, ventilation, structural accent, and furnishings03 903 176Contact to confirm

Architecture and Design

AA StudioFree design services to help rebuild damaged houses DM @aastudio.coOnline service
Azie InteriorsFree design services for homes, shops, and offices in BeirutDM: @AzieInteriorsOnline service
DehiveFree consultancy, inspection, and assessment03 044 268Beirut: Ashrafiyeh, Jisr El wati
Elysium Design StudioFree services for damaged commercial and residential spaces 81 986 106 or 71 370 637Online service
Grace JalekyanFree interior design and consultancy + rebuilding and renovation at minimum cost70 547 847 Online service
Ibrahim Naja Structural engineer offering free services03 605 695Online service
InDesign LabFree design and executive plans for anyone who had his home or store affect by the explosion71 112 389Online service
Jessica Mansour, interior designerFree interior design and management for damaged houses, shops, restaurants, and offices71 009 914 (whatsapp)Online service
Nadine Kallas, interior designerFree consultation and design79 105 394Online service
Nour Abboud, architectHelp with interior design (autocad and revit)03 801 479Online service
Pamela Hallit, interior architectFree services to rebuild houses and preserve Beirut's architectural heritageDM: @PamelaHallitOnline service
Sana LabelleFree home staging services03 380 700Contact to confirm
Team of technical and construction workersFree help to families in need79 139 140Online service
Urban Beirut
Free floor plans + discounted glass repair, woodwork, and furniture 70 550 102 or urbanbeirut@gmail.comOnline service


AUBFree inspection of building structure safety81 610 900Online service
AybecFree consultations services as well as presentation of approximate quotations, to ensure that victims do not fall victim to scams03 000 497Tripoli
Ayman KhalilFree services in electrical engineering70 811 547Beirut
Charbel DeebFree carpentry assistance03 055 478 or 03 359 919Online service
Eddy MJFree help in any mechanical engineering taskDM: @eddymjay Online service
Electrical EngineerFree services including consultancy, information, contacts71 972 122Online service
Frontline EngineersFree assesments and assistants to damaged propertiesDM: @frontlineengineers (instagram)Online service
Guy Manoukian InitiativeFree assesment and repair of glass related damages in Achrafieh area only.78 872 666Online service
Isabelle NabhanFree services in mechanical engineering70 301 911Baabda
Joseph IsakandarFree technical inspection for damaged structures 70 122 914 Online service
Marwan SFree services in mechanical engineering03 377 349Beirut
Nasser HamadFree services in electrical engineering03 235 042Beirut
Noor FarhatFree services in civil/structural engineering76 915 078Beirut
Omar OmeishFree services in industrial engineering70 299 900Beirut
Order of Engineers and Architects Free post-disaster building structure safety assessment71 692 181 or 01 850 111 ext 1001Beirut
Rabih HaidarFree services is civil/structural engineering71 068 282Beirut
Risk Control LibanFree visual and technical audit of damaged contact@risk-control.frBeirut
USJ Free consultations and advice on building safety and risk of collapse76 003 278 (9:00 - 18:00)Beirut

Aluminum Frames and Windows

Antoine ZgheibAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices03 372 455Online service
Curtain glassAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices70 565 719Online service
Farook SaberReplacing and installation of glass at cost price70 222 206 Online service
Glass coOffering glass at cost price and without any installation fees03 462 645Online service
GlasslineFree glass supply for families in need76 755 455Contact to confirm
Golden Gate Glass manufacture GGHalf price aluminum and glass for damaged houses79 308 907Contact to confirm
Guarantee for Glass and AluminumFast installation of high-quality glass and aluminum products with low and considerate prices03 900 388Beirut
Hani SaabAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices76 376 123Online service
HASCOAluminum accessories such as window and door handles, locks, and hinges for reasonable prices70 748 330Industrial city - Bauchrieh
Hassan DiabAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices03 586 099 or 70 849 070Online service
Marwan KoussaAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices03 882 201Online service
Profico Aluminum and GlassAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices03 265 752Online service
Robert Kachouh CompanyReplacing glass as soon as possible at cost price01 485 500 or 79 107 610Online service
Salim AbdelnourOffering glass and aluminum at reasonable prices03 337 040 or 70 377 667Contact to confirm
WindoorAluminum frames and window repair for affordable prices03 312 380 or 81 893 102Online service


Abi Aad Free repair and maintenance of electrical home appliances at cost price03 777 783Achrafieh, Gemmayze, Mar Mkhael, Sodeco, Geitawi, Dawra
Electronic repair servicesFree electronic repair services71 112 512Online service
Hamdan ElectronicsFree repair and maintenace of electrical home appliances70 775 595Jnah, Cornish el Mazraa


If you contact, or work with any of the workers listed and want to provide feedback, please click here.

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Last updated on 07/12/2021

Equipment and Material


Ali Matar ConstructionOffering free materials including wood, metal, aluminum and glass 70 740 369Online service
BJ contracting and excavationDonating equipment to help remove rubble and damageBassem Jurdi, 70 962 973 or 03 371 575 Choueifat Main Road
Emporio CeramicoOffering tiles and sanitary ware at cost price05 470 846 or 05 471 471Beirut
Furniture MansourDiscounted prices and deals for people that need to refurnish their housesMiled Mansour, 03 714 099Baabda
Hajj SanitaryOffering some free products as well as below-market prcies on construction materials09 225 003Zouk Mosbeh
Nation StationFree temporary nylon covers for broken windows, among other suppliesDM: @nationstation__
Beirut, abandoned gas station near Rmeil Mokhtar
SkaffDonating fabric for shattered windowsChristina Homsi, 76553546 or Cynthia Saab, 03025201 Beirut, several locations
Sleep ComfortMattresses at cost price03 444 252Karantina, Beirut
Traboulsi CeramicaFree bathroom sets to those in needDM: @traboulsiceramica Beirut
WardeFree replacement of the damaged curtains for free, for people in need + fabric at cost for people able to pay03 702 572 (whatsapp) or for NGOs: emergency@warde.comZalka highway, Beirut
woodandgasOffering roof tiles at cost price70 999 616Online service
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Last updated on 28/09/2020

Basic Needs Services

For free medication, please check healthcare > medications

A+ InitiativesDelivering food and hot meals to people in need in Achrafieh76 808 000 or 76 410 505Achrafieh, Fassouh facing Medco
AbaadFree assistance for urgent requests such as food, hygiene, and dignity kits. 81 799 907Contact to confirm
Ahla FawdaFree distribution of food parcels, milk and diapers, clothes, and furniture 70 403 822Contact to confirm
Alghina NGOFree distribution of daily meals and food parcels, as well as blankets, quilts and clothing + Sponsorship program for children and orphans, including food, education, clothing, and health.70 697 171Contact to confirm
Base CampFree food boxes for those in needDM: @basecampbeirut or pass by the Base CampMar Mkhael, near Sip
Basmeh and ZeitoonehFree legal, financial, medical, and relief assistance to Syrian victims 76 491 833 or 76 491 794 Contact to confirm
Beirut Kitchen & Support
Free hot meals and other foods, as well as bathroom products, hygiene products, baby products, kitchen products, and miscellaneous household items03 839 254Contact to confirm
Caritas LebanonFree food and water, medication, and basic assistance 79 173 085 or 79 178 967 or 79 179 003Sassine, Achrafieh or Mar Mkhael
Dafa CampaignFree food, clothes, and other essential assistance81 862 688Contact to confirm
Development For People AssociationFree distribution of food Gemayzeh/Mar Mkhayel /Jietaweh/Karantina
Enfants de LumièreFree meals and clothes 71 88 90 33 or
Saint Georges Square Mall, Block B, Bsaleem, Jal El Dib, Lebanon
Hand in HandFood, clothing, hygiene products, and other necessities 71 821 213 or 71 725 398 or 76 675 020"Croque Soleil Garderie" parking in New Rawda
How Can U Help Beirut Free care packages:
1. Sleep Safe: Mattress, pillow, pillow cover, and sheets
2. Babies Need Love: Diapers, formula, bottles, diaper cream, wipes
3. Self-Care: Shampoo, hand sanitizer, face masks, body wash, loofahs, and more
76 111 447 or DM: @howcanuhelpbeirutContact to confirm
Iftar in a BoxFree food, health and hygiene kits, diapers & milk, as well as emergency comfort kits for kids designed with the advice of professional psychologists03 051 739 or DM: @iftar_in_a_boxContact to confirm
Kitchen of HopeFree door to door delivery of daily home cooked meals and medical assistance71 896 669 or DM @kitchenofhope.lebContact to confirm
Ma3kon InitiativeFree diapers, baby milk, and menstrual productsDM: @ma3konContact to confirm
Make a DifferenceFree hot meals and non-perishable food boxes for those in need + Free cleaning kits71 141 349 or DM: @makeadifferencelbContact to confirm
Matbakh el BaladFree warm meals to eat in or take to those in needDM: @matbakhelbalad

Contact to confirm
Nafs el Waja3Free food and breakfast bundles, as well as cleaning supplies and household products 78 998 878 or 71 489 971 or 70 887 109 or DM: @nafselwaja3 Contact to confirm
Nation StationFree fruits, vegetables, and water DM @nationstation__Beirut, abandoned gas station near Rmeil Mokhtar
Offre JoieFree food, hygiene kits, and other essential assistance to those in need03 628 000Contact to confirm
Operation Full FridgeFree food, hygiene kits, and baby kits Sign up for help or refer a family in need here or whatsapp 1 917-836-8886Contact to confirm
Rashet KheirFree food boxes and hot meals in addition to hygiene boxes 03 270 754Contact to confirm
Sa3ed GherakFree home cooked meals 3-4 times a week76 962 928 or DM: @sa3edgherakContact to confirm
Spread the BreadFree meals and bread/sandwiches/manaish/and similar items78 969 537 or DM: @spreadthebread.2020Contact to confirm
The North PoleFood, clothes, and financial aid to those in need03 155 170 or 71 809 070 or DM: @thenorthpoleofficialContact to Confirm
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General Care

AliSEPFree psychological help for multiple sclerosis patients and free medications (if available)70544889 or 01614715Achrafieh
Arcenciel Free technical aid such as walkers, crutches, wheelchairs and other items81 215 491 Jisr el Basha
ArcencielFree paramedic aid, including medically assessing patients, basic medical care, and physiotherapy sessions01 565 655 ext 2131/2128Contact to confirm
Banin Charity Association
Free medical assistance including first aid services, primary care consultations, medications, mental health consultations, and coverage for emergency procedures at nearby hospitals70 994 446
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Zkak l Blat Garden, Opposite Government Serail
Care for BeirutFree online assistance and consultations with patientswww.careforbeirut.comOnline service
Dr. Mohammad Khaled Social FoundationsFree physical therapy, psychological support, speech therapy, medical devices and aids, and prostheses01 856 527
76 784 938 (whatsapp)
Dr. Moustapha BazzalFree/affordable treatment of victims76 172 072Beirut, Al Sahel Center and Aramoun Center
Dr. Omar Abu HamdanFree dermatology services to survivorsDM: @dermdr.oHamra and Chouf
Dr. Tarek ChedidGroup of neurologists, offering free assistance with symptoms through phone calls, home visits, and testing as needed. 71 726 091Contact to confirm
Howard Karagheusian Commemorative CorporationFree doctors' consultations for all departments, laboratory services, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, and wound care01 263 030 or 01 268 830 or 01 241 633 Bourj Hammoud, Marash Street
ICRCFree treatment for injuries76 148 148Dar el Shafa Hospital in Tripoli
ICRC LebanonFree prostheses, mobility aids, orthotic devices, and physical treatment70 341 675Beirut
International Medical CorpsFree primary healthcare services and mental health services
Laetitia Hatem Rehabilitation CenterFree physical, occupational, psychomotor, speech and pool therapy 76 091885Hotel Dieu de France
OrthovisionFree prostheses. Person in concern must contact them or +33658091528France
SesobelFree physiotherapy, psychotherapy, respiratory therapy, speech and language therapy, technical aid assistance, and home care for children affected from the Beirut Explosion09 235 435 Sesobel Ain el Rihani Center
SohatiDoc Online ClinicFree online consultation with a doctor by using promocode: Rise BeirutSohatiDoc WebsiteOnline Service
Younes Medical CenterFree medical care for those suffering from muscular, neurological, and skeletal injuries. This includes rehabilitation and physical therapy, not scans or surgeries76 188 006Aamchit


Ahla FawdaFree medication for those in need70 403 822Contact to confirm
ArcencielFree medications and other supplies provided for those in need01 495 561Beirut, Jesr el Wati
Banin Charity AssociationFree medication for those in need70994446Zokak El-Blat Garden near the mosque
Caritas LebanonFree medication + psychological and medical first aid provided for those in need79 173 085 or 79 178 967 or 79 179 003Beirut, Sassine, Achrafieh or Mar Mkhael
DialebFree diabetes medication for those in need71 670 170
Contact to confirm
Hera Eid Free insulin for diabetics70 169 814 Contact to confirm
Howard Karagheusian Commemorative CorporationFree pharmacy/medication01 263 030 or 01 268 830 or 01 241 633 Bourj Hammoud, Marash Street
Iftar in a BoxFree medication for urgent cases 03 051 739 or DM: @iftar_in_a_boxContact to confirm
Lebanon NeedsFree medication for those in needDM: @LebanonNeedsContact to confirm
Marina el KhawandFree medication for those in need76 072 936Contact to confirm
Rashet KheirFree medication for those in need03 270 754Contact to confirm

Plastic Surgery

CSC ClinicFree consultation and facial plastic surgery for victims of the explosion70 009 966 Beirut, Ramlet el Bayda
Dr Chadi Murr, LAUMC - Rizk Hospital Free plastic surgery to reconstruct all wounds for all Beirut explosion victims with facial injuries.01 200 800 ext. 6531
Book an appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m
Dr. Charbel TawkFree scars revision and reconstructive surgery and free consultation for all needs70 888 897Eye and Ear Hospital,
Dr. Fadel ChahineFree follow up or reconstruction for injuries and burns03 232 980Ramlet el Bayda and Trad Hospital in Clemenceau
Dr. Fadi Abi Azar, 23 MD ClinicFree suture removal and scar reduction03 435 737 or 01 973 975 Beirut, Saifi Village
Dr. Ghassan SaidFree medical assitance and reconstructive plastic surgery71 181 313HIMC
Dr. Joe BaroudFree plastic surgery care for anyone with major face injuries or burns who needs follow up or reconstruction03 800 339Qubic Center, Beirut
Dr. Joseph Abou MradFree care for anyone with facial injuries or burns03 206 538Mount Lebanon Hospital
Dr. Tarick SmileyFree assistance to those affected by the Beirut Blast by an international team of volunteer plastic surgeons71 707 140Contact to confirm
Dr. Zeinab Youness & Dr. Amani Sabbagh, Nu Yu MediSpa Free post trauma scars treatment with lasers + Free skin burns and scars consultation01 788 425 or DM: @nuyubeirutVerdun Plaza 1


Charbel MoukarzelFree physiotherapy services 71 468 929Contact to confirm
Dr. BadawiFree physiotherapy services71 485 858Contact to confirm
Dr. Charbel HannaFree physiotherapy services70 143 500Beirut
Dr. Rachelle RassyFree physiotherapy sessions and consultancies70 109 095Contact to confirm
Dunia Maatouk Free physiotherapy services70 710168Contact to confirm
Elio BoutrosFree physiotherapy servicesDM @Elio_boutros Contact to confirm
Fakhry AlameFree physiotherapy services71 202 536Contact to confirm
Hanaa HteitFree physiotherapy services76 507 353South Lebanon
Haydar DagherFree physiotherapy services70 782 583Contact to confirm
Humanity and InclusionFree mobility aids and physical rehabilitation therapy70 434 061Inside and outside Beirut
Kinan KhatibFree physiotherapy services70 989 165Contact to confirm
Miguel FarrajFree physiotherapy services76 002 773Contact to confirm
Nourhane AlaeddineFree physiotherapy services71 508 800Contact to confirm
Rawane ItaniFree physiotherapy services78 899 193Contact to confirm
Rif HamdanFree physiotherapy services71 252 591Contact to confirm
Rizk Physio SantéFree assistance01 513 414 or 03 524 343Beirut, Horch Tabet
Serge FahedFree physiotherapy services71 436 228Contact to confirm
USJ Free physiotherapy sessions to victims01 421 200 ext 6622
03 608 480
Medical Science Campus
Damascus Street, Beirut


IC Center Lasers and Eye CareFree medical consultations, eye examinations, and images for free01 452 626 or 76 726 746Beirut , Old Airport road
L'OptiqueFree eyeglasses and prescription glasses, as well as a free consultation with an ophthalmologist 71 217 888 or 01 899 351Zalka main road
Optique et VisionFree repairs and replacements of glasses70 763 963Beirut: Sassine, Mathaf, Clemenceau
Vision Bou FadelFree replacements of glasses04 404 789Beirut: Antelias and Broummana
Vision Nadin HakimFree replacement for damaged glasses70 909 194 or 01 307 590 or 70 620 011Beirut Mazraa


Dental MavericksFree dental clinic for anyone who is suffering from trauma to teeth or dental pain and cannot afford the service70 767 379 or 70 330 490
Dr Sérine AssiFree dental treatment for anyone who suffered from dental traumaDM: @s.forsmileContact to confirm
Dr. Maria MoukarzelFree services for any dental emergencies03 232 129Centre Médicale St. Joseph
Dr. Zammarie Carole (Dent Worry)Free services for any dental injuries03 474 537Sin el Fil


Ali NourdeenFree nursing services and wound dressings71 326 146Online service
Hasan BassamFree visits to houses to change wound dressings76 150 709 or 03 297 109Online service
Jennifer SaabFree nursing services including wound dressings, injections, education, and more76 373 726Online service
Joelle Daoud, certified midwifeFree dressing repair, injections, removal of sutures, listening, and breastfeeding consultation70 921 020Online service
Serve nursing servicesFree nursing services81603399Online service
Tanya SayeghFree nursing services for anyone seeking medical help or wound care71 063 947 or DM: @tanya_sayeghAchrafiyeh/Beirut area

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Last updated on 25/08/2020

Mental Health

Afel Liban
Free pyschotherapy services for traumatized children and their families81 860 158Online service
Aurelie AounFree psychological support70 632 378Online service
Aurelie BoutrosFree psychological support70 837 633Amchit
Aya CheaitoFree psychological support (specialized in trauma)+18029994755 (whatsapp)Online service
Bahia Maktabi (Coach Bee), Nu Yu MediSpaFree wellbeing and post trauma consultation 01 788 425 or send a message here Verdun Plaza 1
Body Mind ConsultancyFree online therapy sessionDM: @bodymindconsultancy or email admin@bodymindconsultancy.comOnline service
Build Psychological CenterFree psychological support for children in the center + free psychological support for adults via phone callDM:@Build.Psychological.CenterBadaro
Celine NaderFree psychological support+33648966918 (whatsapp)Online service
Christiane Tawily
Clinical psychologist offering free CBT and EMDR psychotherapy and trauma healing 03 518 129Online service
Christina KhouryFree psychological support03 032 746Online service
Coach Hala Saab Chatila free coaching sessions for anyone who feels they may need it, as a result of the awful events in BeirutDM: @Coach_halasaabchatila, message on facebook, or call 03763528Online service
Cynthia Hiresh TahanFree psychological support03 322 227Jounieh
Dr. Maysar SarieddineFree psychological support03 333 348Online service
Elise BitarFree psychological support03 116 770Ein el Remmaneh
Ella EmanuelFree psychological support70 067 799Online service
EmbraceFree center providing mental health services for all those affected81 003 870
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Contact to confirm
EmbraceFree art therapy sessions for kids affected by the Beirut Explosion81 003 870Contact to confirm
Fadia ChahoudFree psychological support71 880 490Dekweneh
Farah BarbarFree psychological support70 001 534Online service
Fatima SafaFree psychological support03 093 028Online service
Ghada SalemehClinical psychologist/ psychoanalyst offering free support 03 193 693Jbeil, Rue Blat, Nicholas Tabet building, 3rd floor
Hadi SlimFree psychological support76 865 225Jounieh, Sarba
HimayaFree help for parents whose children are coping with trauma03 414 964 or 71 802 883 or 79300 419 or 79 300 410/411 or 76 450 753 or 79 301 125 or 03 117582Online service
Hoda ZeidanFree psychological support70 502 113Jal el Dib Garden Building
I Have Learned AcademyFree mental health and trauma release sessions www.ihavelearned.meOnline service
Idraac NGOFree mental health walk-in clinicMon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00
Sat: 10:00 - 3:00
DM: @idraac_ngo
St. Georges Hospital
Intisar Foundation Free long-term EDMR treatment to help affected women heal mentally and psychologically03 798 661Contact to confirm
Jennifer Abou SamahFree psychological support70 116 708 or DM: @yourownsunriseOnline service
Joanne ZeidanFree psychological support76 728 183Mansourieh
Joseph ZeidanFree psychological support03 836 370Online service
Journey of YouFree support sessions (stress management and personal growth specialist, transpersonal counselor) founder@journey-of-you.comOnline service
Kelna La BaadFree psychological support during physical appointments with children and voice/video calls with adultsDM: @kelnalabaadGemmayze/Mar Mkhael
Khouloud El-ArissFree online therapeutic sessions 76 433 456
Online service
Layal OtabashiFree psychological support70 007 153Online service
Lebanese Red Cross Free psychological consultation 71 984 641, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 Furn el Chebbak
Lebanon for youFree online therapy sessions and nutrition services by licensed psychologists and professional dietitians service
Marah MounajedFree psychological support+96597607781 (whatsapp)Online service
Maria abi GergesFree psychological support76 139 989Online service
Maria KhaliféFree psychological support03 265 651
Dm: @mariathetherapist.lebanon
Online services/ Ajaltoun - Keserouan
Medecins du MondeFree mental health and psychosocial support (face to face and online)76 182 616 or 81 314 932Online service
Mirna DibFree consultations03 613 895Online service
Mona AssafFree psychological support70 323 572Online service
Myma el KhouryFree psychological support03 858 685Chekka
Myriam YounesFree psychological support79 108 154Online service
Nadine GhanimehFree psychological support03 353 090Online service
Nour SarieddineFree spiritual counseling session03 150 033Online service
Perla MaaloufFree psychological support70 939 139Jal el Dib
PsychologistOffering services for free, as well as psych first aid to anyone affected who can speak English70 310 117Online service
Rami RahbaniFree psychological support70 161 505Jbeil and Zalka
Rania Baassiri Free life coaching services Raniabaassiri@hotmail.comOnline service
RDFL WomenFree pyschosocial support 71 500 808Online service
Rindala MerhiFree psychological support70 585 580Antelias
Saadeddine SalemFree coaching services to those who want to talk who got affected by the blast.
Offering breathing techniques and ways to cope with stress.
70 808 335Beirut, Sakiet Janzir or Online (via zoom)
Samaya SablounyFree psychological support76 767 481Online service
Sandy MarounFree psychological support76 157 509Bikfaya
Sarah AkilFree psychological support70 609 319 (whatsapp)Online service
Sarin HagopianClinical psychologist offering free psychological support03 952 081
Online service
Tarek KhalilFree psychological support78 865 697Online service
Yara HouraniFree psychological support71 828 428Fanar
Yara SanjabFree psychological first aid and psychotherapy for adults and children70 547 362Jbeil
Yasmina FremFree clinical psychology servicesfremyasmina@gmail.comOnline service
Yorgo YounesFree psychological support70 070 140Online service
Your Wellness Detective Free consultation with Berna, the health coach, giving you tools and advice on managing stress and overcoming trauma by eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and adopting health/wellness rebuilding habitsDM: @YourWellnessDetectiveBeirut: Achrafieh
A New Earth Store
Yvi ChaccourFree psychological support03 199 189Adma
Zakiah MakhoulFree psychological support70 008 620Online service
Zeina DaccacheFree psychotherapy/drama therapy sessions09 914 932Online service
Zeinab Aboul HasanFree psychological first aid03 036 574Online service
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Last updated on 22/08/2020

Waste Collection Services


AfaalFree removal of glass. Put glass in jutte bags or cardboard boxes, and send them your location81 030 721Online service
Arcenciel Free collection of glass + drop off point at Bakalian Flour Mills (Karantina) 03 117 932Online service
Froz OnlineFree collection of glass. Put glass in jutte bags, without any other items Fill the formOnline service
Nida2 al ArdFree collection of glass. Put glass in jutte bags, without any other items Khadija Farhat, 03 773 886Online service
Ziad Abi ChakerFree removal of clean glass collected indoors. Send location pin and brief address for pickup on whatsapp (no calls)71 290 222Online service


Green Shift LebFree collection of old furniture which will be fixed and donated to those in needDM: @greenshiftleb_joy_farahzOnline service
Help us FaceFree collection of broken and old furniture which will be fixed and donatedDM: @helpusface Online service
Refurnish BeirutFree collection of old furniture which will be fixed and donated to those in need. Send name and location.71 309 535 or 71 557 598 or 71 810 673Online service

Metal Scraps

Buying and collecting metal scraps71 585 585Online service
Khalife RecycloBuying and collecting metal scraps07 222 666Online service
Nabil SrourBuying and collecting metal scraps03 800 131Online service


Butec Utility ServicesFree removal of electrical hazards and restroration of electrical supply1576Habtoor
Technology Upcycling MissionFree removal of electronic waste to be recycled.DM: (instagram)Online service
EcoservlbFree removal and proper disposal of e-waste09 915 399Contact to confirm
Verdetech.lebFree collection of all e-waste71 424 304 or 03 071 865Mkalles, Lebanon


March LebanonFree collection and restoration of damaged wood (doors, windows, anything)70 373 840Minjara wood workshop, Tripoli
Souheila IdrisFree collection of damaged wood from furniture or windows03 801 867Online service


Panda PlastFree collection of damaged plastic and offering 40% off on Pandaplast plastic items70 165 888Online service
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Last updated on 07/12/2021

Business/NGO Support Services

April Autumn ServicesFree support for businesses, including consultations and graphic design servicesDM: @AprilAutumnServicesOnline service
BananamonkeyFree graphic design services for NGOs: posts, posters, banners, logos, signatures, etchello@bananamonkey.comBeirut, Karantina
Digital EchoesFree assistance in marketing/campaigns/fundraiser campaigns/graphic design/posts/website/web platforms for NGOs and fundraisers71 714 694
Online service
Go Technology SystemsFree IT Consulting and Services for Beirut area70 201 325Online service
iorderFree online shop provision for damaged shopsDM: @iorder.appOnline service
NatakallamFree translation related to Lebanon (within capacity)translation@natakallam.comOnline service
Osom Organic ShopFree space to display products at Osom, for eco-friendly and sustainable brands who lost their shops in BeirutDM: @osom.organicshopByblos
Small Biz HeroesFree professional support for small businesses in needDM: @smallbizheroesOnline service
Way with WordsFree translation services to any association/organization currently working on an initiative to rebuild Beirut71 616 148
Online service
YMN GroupFree printing consulting for small businesses and special discounts for printing items: posters, menus, stickers, packaging etc.
03 161 609
Online service

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Animal Care Services

Animals LebanonFree food and supplies for pets in affected areas, as well as assistance with injured animals and locating lost petsfood70 223 808
Healthy Pet HospitalFree services for minor injuries and first aid care for all petsservices03 517 831Jbeil Amchit Highwaynot Beirut
Special Needs Animal ProjectFree dog and cat food to all rescuers who are trying to locate/feed lost and displaced animalsdogs, catsDM: @snapspecialanimals or connectwithsnap@gmail.comOnline serviceOnline
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Last updated on 07/12/2021

Car Repair Services

961 Car PartsFree repairs and replacement of damaged cars at cost priceDM @961carpartsOnline service
Bassem TahanPaint job and maintenance for damaged cars, at cost price only03 232 129Online service
Car DistrictFree repair of damaged cars at cost price70 005 065 Beirut: Chiyah
Richard GhandourMechanical and electronic repair of damaged cars at cost price03 021 731Online service
Teyrouz Auto PartsOffering spare body parts at cost price only for all vehicles damaged by the blast79 141 409Bauchrieh Industrial City
Tokatly AutoglassDiscounted repairs of car windows03 612 535 or 01 687 424Beirut: Dekweneh, Sabtieh
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Accommodation and Shelter Services

This map contains hotels, guest houses, schools, houses of worship, and dorms which currently provide shelter. Contact numbers and exact locations are also provided.

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Last updated on 07/12/2021


This section contains resources regarding donations. This includes donating supplies from inside and outside Lebanon, as well as financial donations such as fundraisers and NGO donations.

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Donating Supplies

From inside Lebanon

Want to donate but can’t go to the drop-off location? On-time delivery will transport your donations free of charge. Give them a call at 71 391 612.

WHO?INFOCONTACTDrop-off Location
Accepts food and Multiple Sclerosis medications03 861 150 or 03 636 063Achrafieh
ArcencielAccepts all kinds of donations, including furniture, clothes, medications, and other items81 214 840 (for furniture collection) or 01 495 561 Jisr el Basha
Atfalouna NGOAccepts bledina, milk, cereals, diapers, and other basic necessities for childrenDM @atfalouna.lebArtual Gallery in downtown Beirut, Eden Garden Building, Al Daouk Street
Base CampAs a joint initiative between several NGOs, all kinds of in-kind donations are accepted (8:00 AM- 5:00 PM)DM: @muwatinlebneneMar Mkhael Train Station
Beautiful People InitiativeAccepts raw food materials listed on their pageDM: @Beautifulpeople.lebanonRabieh and Antelias
Borderless NGOAccepts construction material/products including iron bars, cement, wall primer and masonry sealer, paint, and other itemsDM: @borderlessngoContact to confirm
Box of lifeAccepts food and clothes71960242 or 71896265 or 70454645 or 71623692 or DM: @boxoflife.lbContact to confirm
Caritas LebanonAccepts food, clothes, toys, and other items79 182 477 Achrafieh, Sassine and Mar Mkhael
Cooking For Beirut InitiativeAccepts raw food materials and packaging for hot mealsDM: @foodheritagefoundationAkleh Community Kitchen: Spears, Zico House
Dafa CampaignAccepts all kids of donations, including food and clothes03 837 666 or 81 042 442 or 76 664 844 Jisr el Wati
DawratiAccepts period pads, panty liners, and wet wipesDM: @dawrati.lbBeirut.
Dent De Lait CenterAccepts milk and diapers donations 03 709 080Beirut: Sodeco and Kraitem + pick up available
FabricAIDAccepts old clothes to sort and redistribute to disadvantaged communities. DM: @fabricaid.meFind your nearest collection bin here
Feed the NeedAccepts all kinds of donations 71 274 406 or DM: @feedtheneed.lbContact to confirm
Hand in handAccepts food, hygiene products, and other necessities71 821 213 or 71 725 398 or 76 675 020"Croque Soleil Garderie" parking in New Rawda
JeyetikAccepts menstrual productsDM: @jeyetikContact to confirm
Kafe be KafakAccepts water, beverages, sandwiches, and packed mealsDM: @kafe_be_kafakContact to confirm
Lebanon NeedsAccepts water bottles, medications, first-aid kids, and cleaning supplies03 864 464 or DM: @lebanonneedsContact to confirm
Lebanon's AngelsAccepts food, clothes, sanitary products, and medical supplies81 910 752 or 76 003 196 or 76 860 483 or DM: @lebanonsangelsJnah, 76 Street, warehouse underneath Mayssa building
Les Universitaires de L'equipe Missionnaire NazarethAccepts clothes, food, sanitary products, furniture, and medical supplies71 722 212 or 70 568 670 or 71 671 637 or send a message on Facebook13 locations across Lebanon, contact to confirm
Ma3kon InitiativeAccepts baby milk, diapers, and menstrual products. Donate through them at a discounted price, as they have set deals with pad/diaper companies.DM: @ma3konContact to confirm
Make a DifferenceAccepts food donations71 141 349 or DM @makeadifferencelbContact to confirm
Marina el KhawandAccepts medications76 072 936Contact to confirm
MMKNAccepts non-perishable food and sanitary products for food boxes, and school and connectivity essentials for back to school packs.01 755 070 or Strand Building, Hamra Street
Nafs el Waja3Accepts cleaning supplies, baby items, sanitary products, blankets, pillows, sheets, and secondhand pots and pans78 998 878 or 71 489 971 or 70 887 109 or DM: @nafselwaja3Contact to confirm (pick-up available)
Naphass LAUAccepts medication and medical supplies to be taken to LAUMC Rizk Hospital (list of required material on instagram page)DM: @naphasslau Contact to confirm - pick up available
Offre JoieAccepts food, drinks, clothing, cleaning materials, and construction materials03 628 000 or by filling in this form Beirut
Recycler DonationAccepts food, clothes, linens, hygiene essentials, and other items76 428 947 or 79 187 175Contact to confirm
Recycling BeirutAccepts empty carton boxes to be used for giving out food boxes79 308 938 (for drop off) 70 112 076 (for pick ups)Contact to confirm
Refurnish BeirutAccepts old and unused furniture to be donated to people in need71 309 535 or 71 557 598 or 71 810 673Contact to send information and arrange pick up
Rise Build BeirutAccepts building materials71 718 817 or DM: @risebuildbeirutContact to confirm
Shaabe MasouleyateAccepts non-perishable food, clothes, furniture, and household items 76 643 738 or DM: @shaabemasouleyatiGemmayze street next to Urbanista
ShareQ NGOAccepts raw food materials and packaging for hot meals09 232 658 or 78 809 766Baroud Center, 1st floor, Jeita highway Keserwan Lebanon
The North PoleAccepts non-perishable foods and hygiene supplies03 155 170 or 71 809 070 or DM @thenorthpoleofficialContact to confirm

From outside Lebanon

Ahla FawdaPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to communities in need in Lebanon.DM:@ahlafawdaPurchase items here
Cali for LebAccepts non-perishable foods, medication, and basic necessities to be sent to LebanonDM: @califorlebCalifornia
Kelna La BaadPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to elderly people in need in Lebanon.DM: @kelnalabaadBeirut: Sin el Fil old municipality
L'Écoute NGOPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to communities in need in Lebanon.DM: @LecoutengoPurchase items here
Lebanese Expats - AmsterdamAccepts medical supplies to be sent to BeirutDM:
Arnhem, Nijmegen, Maarssen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag
Les Valises pour BeyrouthAccepts clothes, foods, and medical supplies in Paris to be sent to BeirutLes Valises pour Beyrouth websiteParis
Min London La BeirutAccepts donations of essential goods in London, to be shipped to BeirutDM: @MinLondonLaBeirutLondon
Mint Basil MarketPurchase items from a list of food and personal care essentials that will be distributed through NGO partners.Purchase hereOnline service
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Last updated on 22/08/2020

Financial Donations


A+ InitiativesAl-Achrafieh Group by A+ Initiatives is a group of young volunteers who took on themselves the initiative to cook 200 daily hot meals for the must vulnerable citizens living in Achrafieh and Beirut area. These donations and contributions will help the group buying all the products and services they need in order to sustain the hot meal delivery to it's loving community.Donate here
Ahla Fawda Ahla Fawda is a Non-Governmental Organisation that undertakes humanitarian and social well-being initiatives to support the most needy families in Lebanon. The fundraiser is to provide food, clothing, shoes, blankets, bedding, and temporary shelters to those in need.

Donate here
AlGhina NGOAlGhina NGO focuses on every kind of needy person, from widows and women, to the elderly and people with disabilities, to secure a decent life for them. AlGhina NGO is collecting donations to help the people in need and especially the widows and the orphans who were affected by the explosion, supporting them so they can continue their life in a proper way.Donate here
Aline de Los Campos Aline Deschamps is a photographer fighting for the rights of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. The fundraiser will provide relief and repatriation for domestic workers in Beirut, Lebanon.Donate here
Amel AssociationAmel is a non-profit, non sectarian organization that supports the most underprivileged populations in Lebanon. Teams from the 25 health and social centers and 9 mobile units of Amel are continuing to assess the needs and implementing an emergency response in the field. The fundraiser will meet urgent humanitarian needs such as food, first aid supplies for the wounded, health support and medications, non-food items for displaced families with destroyed homes and rehabilitation of the affected areas.Donate here
Ardi Ardak National Food Security InitiativeAri Ardak is a partnership of four NGOs Ardi Ardak aiming at reviving the food security sector by focusing on small scale holders with a special emphasis on rural women. In light of the Beirut Explosion, they have launched the Beirut Cooking Initiative to distribute hot meals to people in need.Donate here
Basmeh and ZeitoonehBasmeh and Zeitooneh is a Lebanese organization whose main mission is to empower individuals through working amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized groups; to fill the gaps in development assistance; respond to the most urgent relief and developmental needs; and contribute to the advancement of society. Funds raised through this campaign will be used to provide shelter, food, water and medication to those affected by the explosion, and to carry out urgent repairs.Donate here
Baytna Baytak Baytna Baytak is a social initiative launched by young, dynamic, and independent Lebanese individuals. Their mission was primarily to secure housing for healthcare professionals working at the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In the wake of the tragic Beirut blast, Baytna Baytak has shifted its priority to relocating displaced individuals who have lost their homes to the blast. More than 300,000 Lebanese citizens need our assistance.Donate here
Beit BeitBeit Beit is a micro-relief initiative aiming to renovate one house at a time in the peripheries of the Beirut blast. They are targeting the Beirut areas of Jeitawi, Karantina, Zoukak El Blat, Monot that are still under-served by the relief efforts for now. The objective is to repair 20-30 homes (vs initial objective of 4-5 homes). Cost of the repair for each home will vary between $500-$5,000. Receipts will be shared online.Donate here
Cali for LebOrganized by a group of expats from Lebanon in the US. This Fundraiser is designed to help families who need our support in any and every way possible.Donate here
Children's Cancer Center Lebanon Rescue FundCCCL supports all children with cancer and their families through securing funds for treatment, psychosocial services, and awareness. After the Beirut Explosion, many of the children suffering from cancer have been transferred to CCCL because other hospitals have been badly damaged. The Rescue Fund will safeguard CCCL to continue treating all the children, ensuring continuity of services, access, and coverage of treatment.
Donate here
Crypto Disaster Relief for Beirut ExplosionEmbracing cryptocurrency services to bypass Lebanon’s corrupted financial system. Donate by choosing one out 8 available cryptocurrencies.Donate here
Disaster Relief for Lebanese Transgender CommunityA group of mainly Lebanese Trans and non-binary folks and their friends whose aim is to raise basic funds to support unemployed Transgender and non-binary individuals in Beirut. Being Transgender/nonbinary and not legally employed makes it impossible to access health care, save work, masks, food, sleeping places and more. More so in the aftermath of this catastrophe and disaster and the dire overall economic situation. This is a Disaster Relief, an Emergency Aid fund that will solve immediate issues, it will provide shelter, food, medicine, transportation and more. Donate here
Egna Legna BesidetEgna Legna Besidet is a Beirut-based non-profit organization which is run by Ethiopian domestic workers. Over the past three years they have assisted domestic workers including victims of horrible abuses. As a result of government ordered lockdowns to contain the virus, and with the Beirut Explosion, many jobless Ethiopian domestic workers have no money for food and other basic necessities. The fundraiser will provide food and medicine for these Ethiopian domestic workers and victims of the Kafala system.Donate here
FabricAIDFabricAID collects, sorts, and redistributes clothes to disadvantaged communities at micro-prices. These funds will be used by the FabricAID team to support the efforts of an array of humanitarian organizations, institutions, and social enterprises. There are many fundraising efforts underway, but here is one that will directly empower locals especially effected and will be directed by an experienced team, who for years have demonstrated their support to the people of Beirut (including both Lebanese and refugees).
Donate here
FoodBlessedFoodblessed is a hunger-relief & food-rescue organisation committed to fighting hunger & food waste in Lebanon. They have created an Emergency Relief Plan to support the victims of the Beirut Explosion. The money will go into the organizer's US account and then get bank transferred to Lebanon. Bank transfer and donation acknowledgement receipts will be posted at GoFundMe for full transparency. Please note that due to dollar withdrawal limits in Lebanon the recipient may not always be the same.Donate here
Freedom Loving YouthFreedom Loving Youth is committed to transforming the lives of orphans and children worldwide. All the proceeds collected from this fundraiser will directly reach families and urgent care centers in need.Donate here
Hammam RadioHammam Radio is a feminist participatory radio. This fundraiser will support the Anti Racism Movement and Haven for Artists. Proceeds will be split in half between the two. These two organizations have been providing food, shelter, and financial assistance to those who in most need of it. Donate here
How Can U Help BeirutHow Can U Help Beirut is a DC Based initiative, actively working with a number of local on the ground operations to deliver care packages to those in need. Care packages include supplies for sleep, babies, and personal hygiene.Donate here
Impact LebanonImpact Lebanon, and NGO, is a social incubator for driven Lebanese around the world. Commitment to transparency and accountability is their core value. To ensure that remains satisfied while we move with the urgency required by the situation, they have put together a thorough selection process for the organizations which will be receiving the funds. They have also partnered with 3QA, a third-party quality assurance organization based in Beirut, to support with the due diligence and monitoring process of the organizations that will be receiving funding.

Donate here
KaleiKalei is a beloved coffee shop in Mar Mkhael which sustained heavy damage due to the Beirut Explosion. This fundraiser is to rebuild Kalei Mar Mikhael with anything additional going to the the Lebanese Red Cross.Donate here
London BarLocated at the heart of Beirut, London Bar is considered to be one of the landmark pubs which makes Mar Mikhael such an attractive nightlife hub for tourists and locals alike. As a result of the devastating Beirut explosion which took the lives of hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of businesses and shops, London Bar has been heavily damaged due to its close proximity to the blast. All funds raised will be transferred to Tro Djeridian, the owner of London Bar, who will use the money in order to begin renovating and fixing the damage resulting from the explosion.Donate here
Mission VillageMission Village is an NGO located in Lebanon that is in the process of building a shelter for the homeless with the purpose of providing their basic needs and helping them become productive in society through a rehabilitation program. Until the project is complete, Mission Village is beginning to fulfill its mission by preparing home-made meals daily and distributing to people in need. The raised money will help feed 40 families for two months and finish the kitchen of the shelter.

Donate here
Rebuilding Studios after the BlastStudio Safar, Papercup, Jana Saleh are an integral part of Beirut's new creative wave. Their studios were based in two of the city’s hardest hit areas: Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh. With their working spaces, equipment, archives, and in one case, home, completely destroyed - it is literally impossible for them to get back on their feet without financial help. The funds will be going to one foreign account where they will then be straight away transferred to each company/individual.Donate here
Renovate BeirutRenovate Beirut is a disaster-response fund which collects donation to renovate the houses of those affected by the August 4 blast. The renovations focus on repairing ceilings, windows, doors, and everything in between. The donations will fund the free repairs. Donate here
Revive Mar Mikhael beirutThe fundraiser is a personal initiative of residents of Mar Mikhael who are determined to reconstruct more than 100 homes that were severely destroyed in this challenging time.
Donate here
Sa3ed GherakSa3ed Gherak aims to deliver home cooked meals 3-4 times a week. All of the money donated will go towards purchasing the necessary ingredients to prepare the meals.Donate here
SEPTSEPT is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2011, working on integrating a green and sustainable culture. They aim to temporarily rehabilitate homes that have been partially damaged by the explosion to secure them by temporarily fixing doors and windows to prevent any sort of elemental penetration, from potential theft, leaky pipes, fall damage and other essential efforts to secure these homes and make the safe return of their residents safer. SEPT is continuously audited externally to maintain the same credibility that it has among civil society organizations. Additionally, every purchased equipment will be inventoried and its beneficiaries mandated to keep track of the relief effort.Donate here
Shaabe MasouleyatiShaabe Masouleyati is a Lebanese initiative based in Lebanon that aims at supporting families in need and the Lebanese community directly affected by the Beirut Explosion, the critical economic downturn following the revolution, and COVID-19. Following the explosion that occured in Beirut on the 4th of August 2020, many families will be deprived of food, water and shelter. We call on you to aid us in providing relief to local businesses and families that have been affected by this catastrophy. Shaabemasouleyati is currently on the field in Beirut providing support and basic necessities to those in need. All funds will be withdrawn in Canada and transferred to our team in Lebanon where they will be used to pay for donation box supplies, hot meals and hygiene/cleaning materials. Donate here
Social & Economic Action for Lebanon, Inc. (SEAL)SEAL is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-political organization, founded in 1997 in New York City by a group of Lebanese-Americans. For this fundraiser, they have partnered with former NBA basketball player and music producer Rony Seikaly. SEAL will direct the funds in full transparency to well-vetted NGOs based in Lebanon. Their focus is on: Shelter, Food, Medication/Medical Support, and Rehabilitation. To date, the following NGOs have been selected: the Lebanese Red Cross, Beit El Baraka, Arcenciel, AlGhina, Lebanon Needs, Nusaned, and Offre Joie. Others are currently being vetted. Donate here
The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC is an independent foundation that supports individual artists, writers, researchers, intellectuals, as well as organizations from the Arab region working in the field of arts and culture. This Fundraising Campaign is for the Arts and Culture Community in Beirut. The raised funds will be channeled to support affected arts and culture organizations and spaces based on identification of urgent needs.Donate here
The Goguikian FoundationThe Goguikian Foundation is a non-political, not-for-profit, philanthropic advocacy foundation that promotes youth empowerment through various programs. You can donate to the charity of your choice, out of 6 options, to help with the Emergency Relief effort in the aftermath of Beirut Port Explosion. The Goguikian Foundation will deliver your donation in the form of fresh money to the charity of your choice. Your donations via The Goguikian Foundation are US Tax Deductible.Donate here
The Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-University Medical CenterThe Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-University Medical Center (founded in 1927), a non-profit hospital and one of the 5 largest hospitals in Beirut (250 beds, 720 health care workers, 89 residents, 140 medical doctors) serving almost 20% of the city's population (working and an impoverished middle class) was severely damaged. The fund will help the Hospital rehabilitate and equip 1 to 2 clinical wards with 32 patient beds per floor (out of normally 8 floors) and 1 to 2 operating rooms (out of 9). In addition, it will be possible to rehabilitate and equip the Emergency Department, and resume clinical teaching (the hospital is affiliated with the Lebanese University). The amount that would have been raised will be disbursed directly to their emergency relief fund via wire transfer Donate here
Theater Relief Group in LebanonThe Theater Relief Group is a group of theater practitioners in Lebanon who have come together in a state of emergency after the explosion in Beirut's port on August 4, 2020. Our aim is to offer immediate and rapid aid to the affected theater community, including spaces.Donate here in USD, and donate here in LBP.
Together For Lebanon 2020Together for Lebanon is a grassroots post-disaster relief fund that aims to help ease the pain of all those affected by the devastating explosion. It is neutral and impartial, trying to assist the most vulnerable –as many as possible.
We'll be covering renovation expenses and providing emergency relief on need basis. Every single penny of expenses will be available for the public in full transparency over the course of this relief campaign. The main target is the residents of Mar Mkhael, Gemmayze, Karantina and Bourj Hammoud, along with other areas and neighborhoods heavily affected by the blast.
Donate here
Tricker Treat + Eshrak Ticker Treat is a catering company that specialises in healthy kids approved meals trusted by schools and day cares. During this difficult period, our aim at Tricker Treat is to cook and deliver 500+ healthy fun meals daily, and extend a helping hand to every family we can reach. Donate here
UNFSU: Charitable Donations LebanonThe United Nations Field Staff Union is collecting monies to use solely for the purpose of providing aid to the local population, emergency entities, schools, hospitals and for food aid.Donate here
United Armenian ReliefUnited Armenian Relief has been established by Armenian youth in Armenia, dedicated to providing humanitarian aid directly to impacted communities in Beirut. All purchases are 100% transparent. Upon obtaining the supplies, United Armenian Relief will package and send them via partnering airlines (Middle Eastern Airways and Tovmasyan Foundation), where they will be distributed to Lebanese and Armenian communities through two local grassroots organizations (Offre Joie and Bonheur de Ciel).Donate here

NGO Donations

AlfanarAlfanar is a Lebanese NGO aiming to turn social investment into sustainable change. They have launched the Emergency Lebanon Appeal. Donations will provide emergency food support and help with immediate reconstruction costs, as well as supporting the front-line social enterprises we back to survive the crisis.
Donate here
Anera Anera is a development and relief organization helping refugees and marginalized communities in Lebanon. The donations will be used to rehabilitate shelters, provide medical aid, and distribute relief items.Donate here
ArcencielArcenciel is a Lebanese NGO whose main goal is to work with every person in need. In response to the Beirut Explosion, they are distributing food kits and basic necessities, as well as collecting donations and recycling glass. Donate here
Beit El BarakaBeit el Baraka is a Lebanese non profit organisation that ensures dignity to destitute Lebanese families and retirees, by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In light of the Beirut Explosion, Beit el Baraka has been providing food, renovating houses, and offering medical and psychological support.Donate here
Caritas LebanonCaritas Lebanon, the official socio-pastoral arm of the local Catholic Church provides economic development, livelihoods, health and social care, education, migration services, emergency and crisis intervention, human and humanitarian relief and aid, and environmental stewardship. In response to the Beirut Explosion, they have been offering free food, medication, and medical and psychological first aid.Donate here
Help LebanonDonate to support your country and your people through these tough times. You can select whichever NGO/Hospital you prefer, out of 28 available options. Every dime counts. All disbursements will be verified by the leading auditing firm, Ernst & Young.Donate here
Donner Sang CompterDonner Sang Compter was founded to link potential blood donors with patients in need for multiplied impact. In the aftermath of the Beirut Explosions, they are playing a critical role to ensure all injured victims receive blood.Donate here
Himaya Himaya responds to child protection needs on a national level. In response to the Beirut Explosion, Himaya is offering food kits, house restoration, and medical and psychosocial supportDonate here
House of Today House of Today is a non-profit organization that identifies, nurtures, mentors, curates, showcases and connects emerging Lebanese designers to create a relationship with design experts, regionally and globally. Following the Beirut Explosion, they will be assisting designers rebuild and their studios. Donate here
Lebanon NeedsLebanon Needs is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 dedicated to creating and delivering sustainable healthcare solutions for impoverished and underserved Lebanese. In light of the Beirut Explosion, Lebanon Needs is assisting in the rehabilitation of hospitals and delivering medication.
Fill the form here if you are in Lebanon. Donate here if you are from outside Lebanon.
Live Love Lebanon FundLive Love Lebanon Fund connects the most affected people in Beirut with donations & volunteers. For the next 3 months, the fund is dedicated to directly relief the disastrous damage from the Beirut explosion.Donate here
MarsaMarsa is a sexual health center in Beirut. After the Beirut Explosion, Marsa is providing psychological support and food aid to its beneficiaries.Donate here
Min Ila Min Ila is a civil, independent, and non-governmental organization that is determined to bring a positive change to society through citizenship education. After the Beirut Explosion, they have been supporting families in need.

Here is the information for local and international bank transfers.
Offre JoieOffrejoie is a voluntary movement across the country of Lebanon, uniting the Lebanese family since 1985 through their values: Love, Respect and Forgiveness. Offrejoie is providing help to people affected by the blast that hit Beirut by coordinating volunteering efforts, organizing cleanups, and distributing food boxes.Donate here if you are from Lebanon. Donate here if you are outside of Lebanon.
Operation Full FridgeOperation full fridge pledges to ensure that every fridge in Lebanon is full, believing that access to food is a human right and a social responsibility on all of us. Donations will support them in their disaster relief operations.Donate here
Seal USASEAL is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-political organization, founded in 1997 in New York City by a group of Lebanese-Americans. They will be working together with Qudurat and Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, and other Lebanese NGOs on the ground, with the support of 3QA, to ensure that the funds are disbursed in a coordinated manner to well-vetted NGOs, based in Lebanon and that focus their efforts on the most pressing needs resulting from this tragedy: Shelter, Food, Medication/Medical Support, Rehabilitation and Environment.
Donate here or here
Teach a ChildTeach a Child is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to children across Lebanon to help them enrol in schools and universities. Donations will support underprivileged students and their families to rebuild their shattered homes. Donate here
International Medical CorpsThe International Medical Corps helps people in crisis by providing lifesaving emergency health services, and promote self-reliance through training. Donating will help them secure urgently needed supplies and staff in overwhelmed hospitals, and provide mental healthcare to survivors.Donate here
Lebanese Food BankThe Lebanese Food Bank feeds families in need by providing them with food boxes. They are working on the ground to support the victims of the Beirut Explosion.Donate here
Lebanese Red CrossThe Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) is a national society whose mission is to provide relief to victims of natural and human disasters, and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, and to mitigate the suffering of the most vulnerable. They are playing a crucial role in the response to the Beirut ExplosionDonate here
This is LebanonThis is Lebanon is a project run by a coalition of former migrant workers and activists demanding the protection of migrant domestic workers. The fundraiser will help them evacuate migrant domestic workers from Lebanon. Donate here
NusanedYou have the power to transform lives by donating today.
Nusaned is a humanitarian, community-based and volunteer organization. In light of the Beirut Explosion, they have been distributing hygiene materials, food, and other items, as well as organizing cleanups and other volunteer efforts
Donate here
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