Afel Liban
Free pyschotherapy services for traumatized children and their families81 860 158Online service
Aurelie AounFree psychological support70 632 378Online service
Aurelie BoutrosFree psychological support70 837 633Amchit
Aya CheaitoFree psychological support (specialized in trauma)+18029994755 (whatsapp)Online service
Bahia Maktabi (Coach Bee), Nu Yu MediSpaFree wellbeing and post trauma consultation 01 788 425 or send a message here Verdun Plaza 1
Body Mind ConsultancyFree online therapy sessionDM: @bodymindconsultancy or email admin@bodymindconsultancy.comOnline service
Build Psychological CenterFree psychological support for children in the center + free psychological support for adults via phone callDM:@Build.Psychological.CenterBadaro
Celine NaderFree psychological support+33648966918 (whatsapp)Online service
Christiane Tawily
Clinical psychologist offering free CBT and EMDR psychotherapy and trauma healing 03 518 129Online service
Christina KhouryFree psychological support03 032 746Online service
Coach Hala Saab Chatila free coaching sessions for anyone who feels they may need it, as a result of the awful events in BeirutDM: @Coach_halasaabchatila, message on facebook, or call 03763528Online service
Cynthia Hiresh TahanFree psychological support03 322 227Jounieh
Dr. Maysar SarieddineFree psychological support03 333 348Online service
Elise BitarFree psychological support03 116 770Ein el Remmaneh
Ella EmanuelFree psychological support70 067 799Online service
EmbraceFree center providing mental health services for all those affected81 003 870
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Contact to confirm
EmbraceFree art therapy sessions for kids affected by the Beirut Explosion81 003 870Contact to confirm
Fadia ChahoudFree psychological support71 880 490Dekweneh
Farah BarbarFree psychological support70 001 534Online service
Fatima SafaFree psychological support03 093 028Online service
Ghada SalemehClinical psychologist/ psychoanalyst offering free support 03 193 693Jbeil, Rue Blat, Nicholas Tabet building, 3rd floor
Hadi SlimFree psychological support76 865 225Jounieh, Sarba
HimayaFree help for parents whose children are coping with trauma03 414 964 or 71 802 883 or 79300 419 or 79 300 410/411 or 76 450 753 or 79 301 125 or 03 117582Online service
Hoda ZeidanFree psychological support70 502 113Jal el Dib Garden Building
I Have Learned AcademyFree mental health and trauma release sessions www.ihavelearned.meOnline service
Idraac NGOFree mental health walk-in clinicMon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00
Sat: 10:00 - 3:00
DM: @idraac_ngo
St. Georges Hospital
Intisar Foundation Free long-term EDMR treatment to help affected women heal mentally and psychologically03 798 661Contact to confirm
Jennifer Abou SamahFree psychological support70 116 708 or DM: @yourownsunriseOnline service
Joanne ZeidanFree psychological support76 728 183Mansourieh
Joseph ZeidanFree psychological support03 836 370Online service
Journey of YouFree support sessions (stress management and personal growth specialist, transpersonal counselor) founder@journey-of-you.comOnline service
Kelna La BaadFree psychological support during physical appointments with children and voice/video calls with adultsDM: @kelnalabaadGemmayze/Mar Mkhael
Khouloud El-ArissFree online therapeutic sessions 76 433 456
Online service
Layal OtabashiFree psychological support70 007 153Online service
Lebanese Red Cross Free psychological consultation 71 984 641, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 Furn el Chebbak
Lebanon for youFree online therapy sessions and nutrition services by licensed psychologists and professional dietitianshttp://lebanonforyou.com/Online service
Marah MounajedFree psychological support+96597607781 (whatsapp)Online service
Maria abi GergesFree psychological support76 139 989Online service
Maria KhaliféFree psychological support03 265 651
Dm: @mariathetherapist.lebanon
Online services/ Ajaltoun - Keserouan
Medecins du MondeFree mental health and psychosocial support (face to face and online)76 182 616 or 81 314 932Online service
Mirna DibFree consultations03 613 895Online service
Mona AssafFree psychological support70 323 572Online service
Myma el KhouryFree psychological support03 858 685Chekka
Myriam YounesFree psychological support79 108 154Online service
Nadine GhanimehFree psychological support03 353 090Online service
Nour SarieddineFree spiritual counseling session03 150 033Online service
Perla MaaloufFree psychological support70 939 139Jal el Dib
PsychologistOffering services for free, as well as psych first aid to anyone affected who can speak English70 310 117Online service
Rami RahbaniFree psychological support70 161 505Jbeil and Zalka
Rania Baassiri Free life coaching services Raniabaassiri@hotmail.comOnline service
RDFL WomenFree pyschosocial support 71 500 808Online service
Rindala MerhiFree psychological support70 585 580Antelias
Saadeddine SalemFree coaching services to those who want to talk who got affected by the blast.
Offering breathing techniques and ways to cope with stress.
70 808 335Beirut, Sakiet Janzir or Online (via zoom)
Samaya SablounyFree psychological support76 767 481Online service
Sandy MarounFree psychological support76 157 509Bikfaya
Sarah AkilFree psychological support70 609 319 (whatsapp)Online service
Sarin HagopianClinical psychologist offering free psychological support03 952 081
Online service
Tarek KhalilFree psychological support78 865 697Online service
Yara HouraniFree psychological support71 828 428Fanar
Yara SanjabFree psychological first aid and psychotherapy for adults and children70 547 362Jbeil
Yasmina FremFree clinical psychology servicesfremyasmina@gmail.comOnline service
Yorgo YounesFree psychological support70 070 140Online service
Your Wellness Detective Free consultation with Berna, the health coach, giving you tools and advice on managing stress and overcoming trauma by eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and adopting health/wellness rebuilding habitsDM: @YourWellnessDetectiveBeirut: Achrafieh
A New Earth Store
Yvi ChaccourFree psychological support03 199 189Adma
Zakiah MakhoulFree psychological support70 008 620Online service
Zeina DaccacheFree psychotherapy/drama therapy sessions09 914 932Online service
Zeinab Aboul HasanFree psychological first aid03 036 574Online service