General Care

AliSEPFree psychological help for multiple sclerosis patients and free medications (if available)70544889 or 01614715Achrafieh
Arcenciel Free technical aid such as walkers, crutches, wheelchairs and other items81 215 491 Jisr el Basha
ArcencielFree paramedic aid, including medically assessing patients, basic medical care, and physiotherapy sessions01 565 655 ext 2131/2128Contact to confirm
Banin Charity Association
Free medical assistance including first aid services, primary care consultations, medications, mental health consultations, and coverage for emergency procedures at nearby hospitals70 994 446
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Zkak l Blat Garden, Opposite Government Serail
Care for BeirutFree online assistance and consultations with patientswww.careforbeirut.comOnline service
Dr. Mohammad Khaled Social FoundationsFree physical therapy, psychological support, speech therapy, medical devices and aids, and prostheses01 856 527
76 784 938 (whatsapp)
Dr. Moustapha BazzalFree/affordable treatment of victims76 172 072Beirut, Al Sahel Center and Aramoun Center
Dr. Omar Abu HamdanFree dermatology services to survivorsDM: @dermdr.oHamra and Chouf
Dr. Tarek ChedidGroup of neurologists, offering free assistance with symptoms through phone calls, home visits, and testing as needed. 71 726 091Contact to confirm
Howard Karagheusian Commemorative CorporationFree doctors' consultations for all departments, laboratory services, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, and wound care01 263 030 or 01 268 830 or 01 241 633 Bourj Hammoud, Marash Street
ICRCFree treatment for injuries76 148 148Dar el Shafa Hospital in Tripoli
ICRC LebanonFree prostheses, mobility aids, orthotic devices, and physical treatment70 341 675Beirut
International Medical CorpsFree primary healthcare services and mental health services
Laetitia Hatem Rehabilitation CenterFree physical, occupational, psychomotor, speech and pool therapy 76 091885Hotel Dieu de France
OrthovisionFree prostheses. Person in concern must contact them or +33658091528France
SesobelFree physiotherapy, psychotherapy, respiratory therapy, speech and language therapy, technical aid assistance, and home care for children affected from the Beirut Explosion09 235 435 Sesobel Ain el Rihani Center
SohatiDoc Online ClinicFree online consultation with a doctor by using promocode: Rise BeirutSohatiDoc WebsiteOnline Service
Younes Medical CenterFree medical care for those suffering from muscular, neurological, and skeletal injuries. This includes rehabilitation and physical therapy, not scans or surgeries76 188 006Aamchit


Ahla FawdaFree medication for those in need70 403 822Contact to confirm
ArcencielFree medications and other supplies provided for those in need01 495 561Beirut, Jesr el Wati
Banin Charity AssociationFree medication for those in need70994446Zokak El-Blat Garden near the mosque
Caritas LebanonFree medication + psychological and medical first aid provided for those in need79 173 085 or 79 178 967 or 79 179 003Beirut, Sassine, Achrafieh or Mar Mkhael
DialebFree diabetes medication for those in need71 670 170
Contact to confirm
Hera Eid Free insulin for diabetics70 169 814 Contact to confirm
Howard Karagheusian Commemorative CorporationFree pharmacy/medication01 263 030 or 01 268 830 or 01 241 633 Bourj Hammoud, Marash Street
Iftar in a BoxFree medication for urgent cases 03 051 739 or DM: @iftar_in_a_boxContact to confirm
Lebanon NeedsFree medication for those in needDM: @LebanonNeedsContact to confirm
Marina el KhawandFree medication for those in need76 072 936Contact to confirm
Rashet KheirFree medication for those in need03 270 754Contact to confirm

Plastic Surgery

CSC ClinicFree consultation and facial plastic surgery for victims of the explosion70 009 966 Beirut, Ramlet el Bayda
Dr Chadi Murr, LAUMC - Rizk Hospital Free plastic surgery to reconstruct all wounds for all Beirut explosion victims with facial injuries.01 200 800 ext. 6531
Book an appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m
Dr. Charbel TawkFree scars revision and reconstructive surgery and free consultation for all needs70 888 897Eye and Ear Hospital,
Dr. Fadel ChahineFree follow up or reconstruction for injuries and burns03 232 980Ramlet el Bayda and Trad Hospital in Clemenceau
Dr. Fadi Abi Azar, 23 MD ClinicFree suture removal and scar reduction03 435 737 or 01 973 975 Beirut, Saifi Village
Dr. Ghassan SaidFree medical assitance and reconstructive plastic surgery71 181 313HIMC
Dr. Joe BaroudFree plastic surgery care for anyone with major face injuries or burns who needs follow up or reconstruction03 800 339Qubic Center, Beirut
Dr. Joseph Abou MradFree care for anyone with facial injuries or burns03 206 538Mount Lebanon Hospital
Dr. Tarick SmileyFree assistance to those affected by the Beirut Blast by an international team of volunteer plastic surgeons71 707 140Contact to confirm
Dr. Zeinab Youness & Dr. Amani Sabbagh, Nu Yu MediSpa Free post trauma scars treatment with lasers + Free skin burns and scars consultation01 788 425 or DM: @nuyubeirutVerdun Plaza 1


Charbel MoukarzelFree physiotherapy services 71 468 929Contact to confirm
Dr. BadawiFree physiotherapy services71 485 858Contact to confirm
Dr. Charbel HannaFree physiotherapy services70 143 500Beirut
Dr. Rachelle RassyFree physiotherapy sessions and consultancies70 109 095Contact to confirm
Dunia Maatouk Free physiotherapy services70 710168Contact to confirm
Elio BoutrosFree physiotherapy servicesDM @Elio_boutros Contact to confirm
Fakhry AlameFree physiotherapy services71 202 536Contact to confirm
Hanaa HteitFree physiotherapy services76 507 353South Lebanon
Haydar DagherFree physiotherapy services70 782 583Contact to confirm
Humanity and InclusionFree mobility aids and physical rehabilitation therapy70 434 061Inside and outside Beirut
Kinan KhatibFree physiotherapy services70 989 165Contact to confirm
Miguel FarrajFree physiotherapy services76 002 773Contact to confirm
Nourhane AlaeddineFree physiotherapy services71 508 800Contact to confirm
Rawane ItaniFree physiotherapy services78 899 193Contact to confirm
Rif HamdanFree physiotherapy services71 252 591Contact to confirm
Rizk Physio SantéFree assistance01 513 414 or 03 524 343Beirut, Horch Tabet
Serge FahedFree physiotherapy services71 436 228Contact to confirm
USJ Free physiotherapy sessions to victims01 421 200 ext 6622
03 608 480
Medical Science Campus
Damascus Street, Beirut


IC Center Lasers and Eye CareFree medical consultations, eye examinations, and images for free01 452 626 or 76 726 746Beirut , Old Airport road
L'OptiqueFree eyeglasses and prescription glasses, as well as a free consultation with an ophthalmologist 71 217 888 or 01 899 351Zalka main road
Optique et VisionFree repairs and replacements of glasses70 763 963Beirut: Sassine, Mathaf, Clemenceau
Vision Bou FadelFree replacements of glasses04 404 789Beirut: Antelias and Broummana
Vision Nadin HakimFree replacement for damaged glasses70 909 194 or 01 307 590 or 70 620 011Beirut Mazraa

Ear Specialists

The Ear Institute, CMCFree consultation and testing for anyone with ear injuries, tinnitus, or hearing loss01 372 888 ext 5400Clemenceau


Dental MavericksFree dental clinic for anyone who is suffering from trauma to teeth or dental pain and cannot afford the service70 767 379 or 70 330 490
Dr Sérine AssiFree dental treatment for anyone who suffered from dental traumaDM: @s.forsmileContact to confirm
Dr. Maria MoukarzelFree services for any dental emergencies03 232 129Centre Médicale St. Joseph
Dr. Zammarie Carole (Dent Worry)Free services for any dental injuries03 474 537Sin el Fil


Ali NourdeenFree nursing services and wound dressings71 326 146Online service
Hasan BassamFree visits to houses to change wound dressings76 150 709 or 03 297 109Online service
Jennifer SaabFree nursing services including wound dressings, injections, education, and more76 373 726Online service
Joelle Daoud, certified midwifeFree dressing repair, injections, removal of sutures, listening, and breastfeeding consultation70 921 020Online service
Serve nursing servicesFree nursing services81603399Online service
Tanya SayeghFree nursing services for anyone seeking medical help or wound care71 063 947 or DM: @tanya_sayeghAchrafiyeh/Beirut area