From inside Lebanon

Want to donate but can’t go to the drop-off location? On-time delivery will transport your donations free of charge. Give them a call at 71 391 612.

WHO?INFOCONTACTDrop-off Location
Accepts food and Multiple Sclerosis medications03 861 150 or 03 636 063Achrafieh
ArcencielAccepts all kinds of donations, including furniture, clothes, medications, and other items81 214 840 (for furniture collection) or 01 495 561 Jisr el Basha
Atfalouna NGOAccepts bledina, milk, cereals, diapers, and other basic necessities for childrenDM @atfalouna.lebArtual Gallery in downtown Beirut, Eden Garden Building, Al Daouk Street
Base CampAs a joint initiative between several NGOs, all kinds of in-kind donations are accepted (8:00 AM- 5:00 PM)DM: @muwatinlebneneMar Mkhael Train Station
Beautiful People InitiativeAccepts raw food materials listed on their pageDM: @Beautifulpeople.lebanonRabieh and Antelias
Borderless NGOAccepts construction material/products including iron bars, cement, wall primer and masonry sealer, paint, and other itemsDM: @borderlessngoContact to confirm
Box of lifeAccepts food and clothes71960242 or 71896265 or 70454645 or 71623692 or DM: @boxoflife.lbContact to confirm
Caritas LebanonAccepts food, clothes, toys, and other items79 182 477 Achrafieh, Sassine and Mar Mkhael
Cooking For Beirut InitiativeAccepts raw food materials and packaging for hot mealsDM: @foodheritagefoundationAkleh Community Kitchen: Spears, Zico House
Dafa CampaignAccepts all kids of donations, including food and clothes03 837 666 or 81 042 442 or 76 664 844 Jisr el Wati
DawratiAccepts period pads, panty liners, and wet wipesDM: @dawrati.lbBeirut.
Dent De Lait CenterAccepts milk and diapers donations 03 709 080Beirut: Sodeco and Kraitem + pick up available
FabricAIDAccepts old clothes to sort and redistribute to disadvantaged communities. DM: @fabricaid.meFind your nearest collection bin here
Feed the NeedAccepts all kinds of donations 71 274 406 or DM: @feedtheneed.lbContact to confirm
Hand in handAccepts food, hygiene products, and other necessities71 821 213 or 71 725 398 or 76 675 020"Croque Soleil Garderie" parking in New Rawda
JeyetikAccepts menstrual productsDM: @jeyetikContact to confirm
Kafe be KafakAccepts water, beverages, sandwiches, and packed mealsDM: @kafe_be_kafakContact to confirm
Lebanon NeedsAccepts water bottles, medications, first-aid kids, and cleaning supplies03 864 464 or DM: @lebanonneedsContact to confirm
Lebanon's AngelsAccepts food, clothes, sanitary products, and medical supplies81 910 752 or 76 003 196 or 76 860 483 or DM: @lebanonsangelsJnah, 76 Street, warehouse underneath Mayssa building
Les Universitaires de L'equipe Missionnaire NazarethAccepts clothes, food, sanitary products, furniture, and medical supplies71 722 212 or 70 568 670 or 71 671 637 or send a message on Facebook13 locations across Lebanon, contact to confirm
Ma3kon InitiativeAccepts baby milk, diapers, and menstrual products. Donate through them at a discounted price, as they have set deals with pad/diaper companies.DM: @ma3konContact to confirm
Make a DifferenceAccepts food donations71 141 349 or DM @makeadifferencelbContact to confirm
Marina el KhawandAccepts medications76 072 936Contact to confirm
MMKNAccepts non-perishable food and sanitary products for food boxes, and school and connectivity essentials for back to school packs.01 755 070 or Strand Building, Hamra Street
Nafs el Waja3Accepts cleaning supplies, baby items, sanitary products, blankets, pillows, sheets, and secondhand pots and pans78 998 878 or 71 489 971 or 70 887 109 or DM: @nafselwaja3Contact to confirm (pick-up available)
Naphass LAUAccepts medication and medical supplies to be taken to LAUMC Rizk Hospital (list of required material on instagram page)DM: @naphasslau Contact to confirm - pick up available
Offre JoieAccepts food, drinks, clothing, cleaning materials, and construction materials03 628 000 or by filling in this form Beirut
Recycler DonationAccepts food, clothes, linens, hygiene essentials, and other items76 428 947 or 79 187 175Contact to confirm
Recycling BeirutAccepts empty carton boxes to be used for giving out food boxes79 308 938 (for drop off) 70 112 076 (for pick ups)Contact to confirm
Refurnish BeirutAccepts old and unused furniture to be donated to people in need71 309 535 or 71 557 598 or 71 810 673Contact to send information and arrange pick up
Rise Build BeirutAccepts building materials71 718 817 or DM: @risebuildbeirutContact to confirm
Shaabe MasouleyateAccepts non-perishable food, clothes, furniture, and household items 76 643 738 or DM: @shaabemasouleyatiGemmayze street next to Urbanista
ShareQ NGOAccepts raw food materials and packaging for hot meals09 232 658 or 78 809 766Baroud Center, 1st floor, Jeita highway Keserwan Lebanon
The North PoleAccepts non-perishable foods and hygiene supplies03 155 170 or 71 809 070 or DM @thenorthpoleofficialContact to confirm

From outside Lebanon

Ahla FawdaPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to communities in need in Lebanon.DM:@ahlafawdaPurchase items here
Cali for LebAccepts non-perishable foods, medication, and basic necessities to be sent to LebanonDM: @califorlebCalifornia
Kelna La BaadPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to elderly people in need in Lebanon.DM: @kelnalabaadBeirut: Sin el Fil old municipality
L'Écoute NGOPurchase the items of your choice to be distributed to communities in need in Lebanon.DM: @LecoutengoPurchase items here
Lebanese Expats - AmsterdamAccepts medical supplies to be sent to BeirutDM:
Arnhem, Nijmegen, Maarssen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag
Les Valises pour BeyrouthAccepts clothes, foods, and medical supplies in Paris to be sent to BeirutLes Valises pour Beyrouth websiteParis
Min London La BeirutAccepts donations of essential goods in London, to be shipped to BeirutDM: @MinLondonLaBeirutLondon
Mint Basil MarketPurchase items from a list of food and personal care essentials that will be distributed through NGO partners.Purchase hereOnline service